Experience the world's fastest electric bike

Not just a beauty but also a beast on the trail.

The fastest motor response time

With our own patented torque sensor, our drive unit response time has been reduced to just 10ms. Having a quicker response time allows for a more intuitive riding experience.

The most intuitive power assist

Our drive unit can conquer 40-degree inclines with ease.  With a total of four power levels the PESU is suitable for every ride - whether you’re riding to work, climbing a steep hill, going downhill, or even when you’re walking the bike. 

The battery that lets you go beyond

PESU bikes comes equipped with 468Wh large capacity lithium battery, with a range up to 80 miles, with the option to upgrade to a larger battery pack. You can charge the battery pack directly on the bike or take the battery off and charge it at a remote destination. There is also a USB port at the bottom of the battery to charge mobile phones and other devices.

The shortest chainstay

A huge part of why PESU electric bikes are fun to ride is because of the short chainstay design. A shorter chainstay increases maneuverability, which makes handling the PESU easier and more fun. Our chainstay has a length of only 43.5cm, and as your weight is naturally further back on the bike, you can even pop wheelies easier.

Our own patented torque sensor

The intelligent power assist system developed by TTIUM Motors, combines torque sensors, cadence sensors, and speed sensors into the most powerful MTB drive system available. Through analysis of your pedaling force and cadence, it gives you the ultimate riding experience for longer rides while taking you to new heights with ease.

Optimized battery

Having a good e-bike and a drive unit is not enough. In order to let you enjoy PESU as much as possible - we had to redefine how we optimize the battery. With PESU, you can go up to 80 miles on a single charge. With us, you can go further, do more, see more.

3" High tech color display

The Wiseview color display with anti-glare surface makes it much easier to read in bright sunlight. The free viewing angle display, allows you to make adjustments without any tools necessary. Review your performance in different metrics with the multi-mode data dashboard. This display also comes with a USB charging port that enables you to charge a phone for navigation while riding.

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